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Learning something new is such a fulfilling feeling. I remember when I first played a tune on the piano without making any mistakes, or when I finally understood a math problem I’d been struggling with. That feeling of success and triumph built great confidence in and I love helping others feel the same way. 

Not only will your child receive the one-on-one attention they need to fully grasp math problems or English foundations, they get to do so in the comfort of their own home. Plus, less driving and running around for the parents….

There are so many musical instruments out there and I teach four of them! Give your child, or yourself, the opportunity to cultivate their musical gift. 

Love what you learn 

School Tutoring & Music Lessons

English & Math

I understand the need for one-on-one learning, I was that kid who needed it so I know how important it is for students receive this learning technique and I understand how they need to be taught.


Music is one of my greatest joys in life and I love helping other cultivate their passion and love for it also through music lessons.

Assignment & homework assistance

Want to take some of the pressure off your school work load? Let me assist you in understanding each task required and completing them.

What to Expect...

I am devoted to making the learning experience for all of my students as tailored and comfortable as possible. Everyone has their own way of computing information and I love getting to know each of my students learning needs. This helps me teach them new things the best way possible. I am proud to say that I have great relationship with all of my students, this helps them enjoy our lessons together feel comfortable to ask for help. I definitely like to use games that are tailored to the subjects being taught as well as ‘normal’ teaching methods. Basically, I will adjust my teaching and lessons to each individual student in order that they grasp as much info they can in our sessions. 

Give your child the opportunity to grow

If you believe your child needs some extra assistance with their school work or has a passion for music, give them the opportunity to grow in these areas.  

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