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About Shar Teaches

Hi, my name is Shar,

About me, Shar

Hi there, my name is Shaylara but I mostly go by Shar because that’s what my mama has always called me and rarely can anyone pronounce my name correctly (it sounds how it’s spelt). I have lived on the Coast for three years now and have been running my business for a little over a year. I have truly loved meeting so many different students from Primary and High School and working together to improve their skills and confidence. 

I am a textbook example of a student who needs to learn one-on-one to get the most out of a subject. Thankfully, both of my parents have worked in education for nearly three decades combined so I always had them to give me extra help (tutor me) when I came home from school.  Now I get to work on-one-one with many lovely kids over the Sunny Coast, tutoring them in English and Math to help them understand what they are learning in school and feel more confident in themselves.

Everyone who knows me knows I am a big lover of music, my biggest passion being singing. I learnt how to play violin and piano when I was still in Primary School and then taught myself basic guitar and ukulele in High School. I know get to share this passion of music with people of all ages with my singing and piano lessons. It brings me so much joy to teach others how to cultivate and grow their talent for music. 

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About the Business

The focus with Shar Teaches is a simple one, to improve all students abilities with consistent personalised learning. I believe every child has a preferred learning style, it’s my job to determine that learning style, adapt to the child’s needs and assist with growth. 

I provide a wide range of tactics to assist my students with their learning such as drawing activities, fine motor skills and fun interactive options. Blending these methods in a mixed learning experience regularly provides high engaging results for my students.

Using the latest industry techniques to assist my students works great however what I find to be the most proven method is showing genuine care. Children respond to feeling included, cared for and supported, my goal far beyond just helping with students learning, is to provide emotional support.

I really care about each and every student, their success is my success. To see their eyes light up when they pass a school subject they we’re previously failing, that’s what this business is all about.